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10 Tips for Managing Stress

  1. Maintain a positive attitude
  2. Acceptance is key–all you can control is how you react and adjust
  3. People can’t help if they don’t know there is a problem–be honest and open with your feelings
  4. Relax–taking time to breathe is so important
  5. Get moving–exercise can help reduce stress
  6. Take it one day at a time–if it’s not an emergency situation, do not turn it into one
  7. Sleep is important–a good night’s rest keeps us functioning at our best
  8. Incorporate stress management techniques into your life–be social and have fun!
  9. Eat a balanced, healthful diet full of fruits, vegetables, and water
  10. Set realistic goals and go slow–life is not a race, rather, it is a journey


Finding ways to reduce caregiver stress will help lessen the long-term emotional and physical toll of caregiving.