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About AFA’s National Memory Screening Program

AFA’s National Memory Screening Program provides free, confidential memory screenings–administered by qualified healthcare professionals–to individuals across the country.

What is a memory screening?

A memory screening is a simple and safe “healthy brain check-up” that tests memory and other thinking skills. The memory screening is a series of questions and/or tasks that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and can indicate if someone might benefit from a comprehensive medical evaluation. It is not used to diagnose any particular illness and does not replace consultation with a physician or other clinician.

Why are memory screenings important?

  • They are a significant first step toward finding out if a person may have a memory problem. Memory problems could be caused by a number of medical conditions, including vitamin deficiencies, thyroid issues, and depression, as well as dementia-related illnesses including Alzheimer’s.
  • Some memory problems–such as those caused by vitamin deficiencies or thyroid problems– can be readily treated. Other memory problems might result from causes that are not currently reversible, such as Alzheimer’s disease. In general, the earlier the diagnosis, the easier it is to treat one of these conditions.
  • Early detection of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) may afford a person the opportunity to take advantage of treatments that may slow the changes in memory and thinking skills or participate in a clinical trial.
  • If the memory problem is the result of a dementia-related illness such as Alzheimer’s disease, early detection may enable the person to begin treatments and therapeutic interventions sooner, afford greater opportunity to participate in a clinical trial and take a more active role in developing their health, legal and financial plans.

Where can I get a memory screening?

AFA currently provides free memory screenings virtually through secure video conference technology every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A smart phone, lap top, tablet or any other device with a webcam and Internet capability is all that’s needed. Appointments can be requested by calling AFA at 866-232-8484 or clicking here.  

Additionally, many physicians perform memory screenings.  Memory screenings are covered by Medicare as part of the Medicare Wellness Program, and are often covered by insurance companies as well.  Check with your doctor for more information.

Have questions about brain health or memory concerns? Connect with the AFA Helpline