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Getting Help with Caregiving – You Are Not Alone

As caregivers, we need a break. Respite refers to rest and relief, a break for the caregiver to care for themselves.

Types of respite include:

Home Care—skilled care provided at home, often initiated by doctor’s order or hospital stay and administered by medical professionals

  • Home care attendants are professionals who come into the home and help out with personal care and housekeeping functions
  • Medicare covers some home health services
  • Medicaid can cover custodial care this is based federal requirements, but this can vary state by state

Adult Day Programs are for adults in a community-based group setting

  • Social-model programs offer stimulation, socialization, and  therapeutic activities and often will include meals
  • Medical-model programs (adult day healthcare programs), offer health based services as well as social activities
  • Some programs include assistance with activities of daily living and transportation
  • Adult day services charge per hour, and may be covered under some long term care insurance policies
  • Medicaid will cover some adult day health programs

Facility Based Respite

  • Provide a short stay for your loved one in a nursing home or another facility—this service is utilized to get a break from caregiving role.
  • This service charges each day your loved one is in the facility
  • Medicare or Medicaid may cover the cost in an inpatient facility-you will need to pay costs not covered


  • Identify family members who can care for your loved one and create a rotating care schedule
  • Enlist the help of family members living in different states by assigning them tasks such as legal/financial paperwork


  • See if the individual’s friends can lend a hand in providing supervision
  • Ask your own friends if they will help in order to help you take care of yourself

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